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Downloadable Electronic Book for iBooks- Taking Your Shot; The Ultimate Photographer's Career Guide

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Taking Your Shot; The Ultimate Photographer's Career Guide

Epub3 Version - Fixed Layout (works with Apple's iBooks software) - $24.95

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Visual imagery plays an ever-greater role in all aspects of communication, social media, and product/service marketing. Yet people interested in photography face the difficult challenge of identifying photo specialties that are right for them among the many segments of this varied profession, as well as discerning where and how proper training can be acquired.

Taking Your Shot — The Ultimate Photographer’s Career Guide, offers vital insight students need to set their learning paths and make a good start in this highly competitive field. It is not a how-to book on the technical aspects of cameras and picture-taking (though it does contain certain technical references). Rather, it’s a practical career guide that discusses how to obtain solid academic and artistic preparation; offers an insider’s view on entering the profession; and lays out realistic steps for establishing a photo business and maintaining a durable career.




CHAPTER 1  Basic Career Advice

Do you want to make photography your career?

How to Choose a Career Path

How do I know if I should be a photographer?

CHAPTER 2  Photography Careers

How do I pick what type of photographer I should be?

A Day in the Life of a Professional Photographer

What kind of competition will I face?

CHAPTER 3  Do you have the aptitude and personality to be

a professional photographer?

The Creative Verses the Technical Mind

Grammar and Writing Skills

Mental Demands

Emotional and Personality Demands

Physical Demands

Demands on Your Family

Determining Your Personality and Aptitude

Common Difficulties

CHAPTER 4  Education & Training

The Value of Education and Training

Who should get training?

So how do you learn?

How to Find a College That Offers a Photography Program

What kinds of degrees are offered at colleges?

How to Pick a School that is Best for You

What photography classes should I take in college?

What classes should I take in college besides photography?

What if I already have a degree?

Find Your Own Path

CHAPTER 5  How to Be a Successful Photo Student

How to Approach Your Photography Education

How to Approach Learning in the Classroom

Steps to Success

Tips for Being a Good Photo Student (in Particular)

Options When You Do Not Like Your Instructor

What to Do When You are Struggling in Class

What should you do when you do not enjoy the majority of your classes?

Spotting a Great Teacher

Learning and Working in Photography with Disabilities

CHAPTER 6  Gender, Race, and Other Sensitive Topics

The Battle of the Sexes

Racial Diversity in the Industry

Take Advantage of Your Assets

Sensitive Situations

Safety and Security

CHAPTER 7  Who employs photographers and how much

money can I make?

Who employs photographers and how much money can I make?

How do I make money, and what rate should I charge?

CHAPTER 8  How do I price my work?

Making a profit

Types of Fees

Pricing Outdoor & Fine Art Photography

Selling Books

CHAPTER 9  What are the monetary demands?  How much money is needed to complete school and have a successful business career?

Basic equipment demands; what should I buy first?

Cameras and Lenses



Paying for Software

After I have the basic gear, what do I buy next?

Photo Printers

Equipment Upgrades

Lighting Equipment

Business Software

What else do I need to spend money on besides equipment?

Office/Studio Expense


Travel Expenses


How does anyone afford this?

CHAPTER 10  Transitioning From Student to Professional

Shooting Jobs for Friends and Family

Interning & Assisting

Representing Yourself in a Professional Manner

Building Relationships & Producing Quality Work

Learning Takes Time

CHAPTER 11  Do you have the ability to be a professional


Is my work any good?

Critiquing & Grading Student Work

Enlisting Public Opinion Outside of School

CHAPTER 12  Sustaining a Career in Photography

Preventing Boredom

Update Your Portfolio

Creating a Style

Telling Stories

Creating Fine Art

Back to Education

Is it worth it?

APPENDIX 1Aptitude Questionnaire

APPENDIX 2  Tips & Resources

Critique Tips for Students

Interview Tips for Students

Resources  (Listed resources of: Critique Tips for Students, Interview Tips for Students, Print Resources, Manufacturers & Gear-Related Websites, Camera & Supply Houses, Print Houses, Professional Photography Organizations, and 4-Year Photography Schools.)







345 Pages

150 Color Photos

ISBN: 978-0-9969362-5-5


The print version will be coming soon!

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